• Dr. Roger Callahan – TFT
  • George Goodheart -A.K. testing
  • John Diamond ‘The Body Never Lies’.
  • Tapas Fleming – T.A.T.
  • Dr. Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Belief’ We are not ruled by DNA
  • Robert Williams – PSYCH-K – Whole Brain Integration
  • Gary Craig – Stanford engineer – EFT
  • Dr Paul Dennison – Brain Gym – Cross/crawl – Cook’s hook-ups + positive points
  • Dr. Edward Bach – Bach Flower Remedies. Queen’s Dr Ronald Davey – homeopath!
  • Grant Connolly –  Z Point Process
  • Dr. Daniel J. Benor – WHEE Whole Health – Easily & Effectively
  • Dr. Richard Bartlett – Matrix Energetics
  • Dr. Eric Pearl – Reconnection
  • Dr. David R. Hawkins’ Attractor Field Technique (AFT), which consists of a variety of tapping algorithms that are for specific addictions, physical ailments (allergies to wounds) and psychological disorders. He has designated formulas to “… rid the body of the energy fields responsible for the physical conditions and eliminate the symptoms that result from those energy fields.”  
  • ‘The Emotion Code’ by Dr. Bradley Nelson
  • Dr. James Durlacher ‘Freedom from Fear Forever’
  • Dr. Donald Lepore ‘The Ultimate Healing System’
  • Donna Eden and David Feinstein ‘Energy Medicine’.
  • Dr. Richard Gerber ‘Vibrational Medicine’
  • Healing Touch – Dolores Krieger (nurse)
  • The Detachment Technique

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