Therapist Certification

Want to use the detachment technique with your clients?

You’ll need to complete the steps below. 

What you'll need

1. To read the book ‘Rapid Recovery: Accelerated Information Processing & Healing’.

2. To watch the PTSD: The Detachment Technique course

3. To read the PTSD course companion book that comes with the course.

4. To join the online support forum. [coming soon]

5. To work one-on-one with three persons identified as having PTSD (for free – up to six sessions)

6. To make notes on same and discuss with Steve King or another Certified Practitioner

7. To sign document re statement of understanding regarding the principles, ethics and disclaimer as supplied by the DTech group below.

8. To provide both positive and negative feedback from any client to the principals at DTech

9. To share or to forward-on any written or video testimonials regarding the use of The Detachment Technique to the DTech group

10. To acknowledge the utilization of The Detachment Technique and DTech with clients, would-be clients, fellow therapists, the media, your own social media and any personal promotion in which any claim for success is being made as a result of the use of this technique and resource.

11. To learn how the DTech App [coming soon] works – so that information can also be provided to any clients.

12. To provide a link from your business or personal website to that of DTech.