C’ing the light

“It’s our CHOICE to live in the bright Rainbow of our Hopes and not the dark clouds of our fears.” (Carole Stevens Bibisi)

You might be wondering about the value of this section and why it would be included. I often refer to the ABC of addictions, obsessions, compulsions;

A = Antecedents (the triggers)

B = Behavior (drinking/drugging/gambling etc.)

C = Consequences (the cost or damage).

Obviously the aim for anyone wanting to quit the behavior is to quickly become aware of A and go to C without resorting to B!

I earlier spoke to the issue of the power of words and beliefs and re-frames and think it is worth noting just how words beginning with just one of our 26 letters of the alphabet can impact us.

It is interesting that we use such references as “seeing the light” and that many people embark on personal quests to enter a state of, or to find “enlightenment.”

The following words are in no specific order, except as they came to my awareness, but I hope they may give you pause for reflection as to the impact, the toll, the cost and the consequences of our actions, reactions, beliefs, behaviors, conscious and subconscious choices.

CONNECTIONS – recognising the links between thoughts, feelings (triggers) and using.

CONTRIBUTION – As per the 12 steps – a need to give back, to serve others.

CONSTRUCTION – the law of ‘dissipative structures’ – to fall apart in order to come back together again as a ‘greater whole’. To break down – in order to break through.

COMMITMENT – the establishment of personal integrity to the present issue(s).

CONSCIOUSNESS/MIND/THOUGHT – the gifts of lessons and enlightenment.

COURAGE – which is not the absence of fear, but doing something regardless.

CLEANING – to establish a state of neutrality/zero point.

CLEARING – letting go of negative CORE beliefs.

CONSUMPTION – poison or pleasure, pain or passion.

CONTROL – reclaiming direction, being back at the helm, driving the bus again.

CHOICES – the full palace of possibilities.


CHANGE – to stop doing the things that don’t work.

CREATIVITY – heading into the flow state.

COLLAPSING CHAINS – letting go of the slavery of addiction, obsessions, compulsions and procrastination.

CHEAP GRACE – the artificial ‘benefit’ of ongoing use!

CRAZINESS – the CONTINUATION of self-sabotage and losses.

CONTRADICTIONS – knowing one thing but doing another – the acts of self-sabotage.

CATASTROPHISING – making drama out of everything. Molehill mountain climbing!

CHAOS – living to use/using to live!

CALAMITY vs. CALMNESS – the extremes.

CRISIS – disturbances that CREATE overwhelm.

CONSISTENCY/CLARITY – being aware of and sticking with what works and is positive.

COMPETENCE – the ability to perform a task.

COMFORT – to find tranquillity, to be at ease, to soothe, to cover up. However, be aware that a person can become “comfortable in their dis-comfort.”

CAPITULATE/CONCEDE – to let go! Sometimes the only thing left to hang on to is letting go.

COERCION – bringing others into your support network.


COMPASSION – to have some empathy and caring for a person’s story, as well as one’s own.

CRYSTALS – Some crystals have electrical properties. Quartz and tourmaline, for instance, have what is called a “piezoelectric” effect. When squeezed and twisted in a particular way they give off an electrical current. Lodestone or magnetite, which has a double octohedron (double pyramid) shape in crystal form, is an iron-based material that radiates magnetic energy unceasingly. Crystals can absorb energy, reflect it, generate it, radiate it, and CONVERT it into other forms of energy. (Serge King 1990, p. 185)

CHEMICAL – “No thought, no emotion is without biochemical, electrochemical activity, no CELL untouched.” (Achterberg p. 127)

CELEBRATE – find healthier ways to get same need(s) met – move from alive to thrive.

CONGRUENCY – is when what you truly believe, say and do are the same thing – it is ‘befriending’ the self, i.e. being connected to your own Spirit or Higher Power.

COPERS – are often referred to as stress-hardy. Psychologist Suzanne Kobasa has identified three attitudes that sustain such individuals during demanding times. These attitudes are called the three C’s:

CHALLENGE, COMMITMENT & CONTROL – a stress-hardy person sees change and crisis as a challenge rather than a threat. Even when they cannot control the outer situation, they realize that they always have control over their response to the things that are happening.

COMMUNITY/CONNECTION – to support, volunteer, contribute – be a part of, avoiding isolation.

COACHING – to get a life-coach or have a mentor or sponsor and to learn methods for same.

CONQUER – to master something, to confront it and have it ‘behind’ you.

CAUSE – the underlying reasons behind the urges.

CRAVING – the awareness of the urges.

CONFIDENCE – to gain it from some level of mastery and/or act of courage.

CORE BELIEFS – look at how they’ve impacted your life. Do they work for you today?

COPY – do what the ‘masters’ do in order to succeed.

COHERENCE – Body, mind, spirit – CO-ORDINATED – having them be in synch.

COLLARBONE BREATHING – make it part of your early daily ritual for cleaning/clearing.

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