(Excerpted from the book ‘Rapid Recovery’ by Stephen P. King)

Dr. Roger Callahan believes that atavism has some bearing on many of the phobias and anxieties that people suffer from. The dictionary describes atavism as a “reversion to remote ancestral characteristics”, in other words a return to an earlier form. This idea appears to hold true for cellular beliefs and behaviors as well as physical characteristics. Regarding cancer, Robert Becker wrote, “…the disease always arises not from an alien germ but from a formerly normal cell of the host’s body, and the cancer cells are more primitive than their healthy precursors. Moreover, this atavism reflects the seriousness of the disease. The simpler the cells, the faster they grow and the harder they are to treat, whereas a tumor that still resembles its tissues of origin is less malignant.” (p. 215)

Dr. Richard Gerber made an observation that I believe has adirect correlation to

Thought Field Therapy and the possible role of atavism. “ From an evolutionary standpoint,

it is interesting to note that in lower animals such as reptiles the pineal gland is still

associated with a rudimentary third eye, complete with lens and retina-like photo-receptor.” (p. 374)

We all carry within us a genetic code that can include miasms (a crystallized pattern of Karma) whereby energetic tendencies inhabit genetic code, thus potentially predisposing us to particular diseases. Rudolph Ballentine states that he sees miasms as the manifestation of unconscious belief systems and archetypal psychological structures that furnish the underpinnings of our thoughts and ideas. (1999, p.100)

Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician and the founder of homeopathy, believed that miasms were in the mind and the organizational structure of the “vital force”, or the energy level of the person – a certain hidden mindset or energy state that allowed disease to take hold.

There are three types of miasm:

  1. Planetary.
  2. Inherited.
  3. Acquired.

We can therefore have “inherited” miasms of fears/phobias/traumas etc. in our genetic “blueprint”, i.e. multi-generational. As an example, Dr. Callahan believes that the fear of heights is an inherited fear in all land-based chordates. This is supported somewhat by Rupert Sheldrake’s lab work with LSD. A chick, which would normally avoid an illusion of height, but when injected, would simply walk over it. The LSD apparently “cures” the fear of height, which may provide a plausible answer to why some LSD users would jump from windows.

Clients who have a phobia that has no obvious origin will often report that a parent or grandparent suffered from the same phobia. Dr. Hahnemann acknowledged an hereditary influence on chronic disease and referred to the “miasmatic” state as the underlying susceptibility primarily responsible for the various acute and chronic illnesses that people experience. It is now known that the DNA of certain viruses can be incorporated into the genetic material of cells and thus be passed on to future generations. (Ullman pps. 160-161) Further references to disease-based miasms can be found in Ullman’s Notes (p. 171)

Some of the recognized planetary miasms include exposure to radiation, petrochemicals, and heavy metals – Three Mile Island and Chernobyl would be prime examples. (`Bioenergetic Medicine in Theory and Practice`. Bretforton Medical Research Trust, p. 14)

A hologram is an energy interference pattern wherein every piece contains the whole. Every cell contains a copy of the master DNA blueprint. In order to understand the nature and relevance of the hologram, the so-called “phantom leaf phenomenon” is often mentioned, whereby a torn leaf or part-leaf is still shown to have the energetic pattern of the previously full leaf. This would seem to give further credence to “cellular memory/consciousness” and “DNA inheritance”. This  has been researched by such luminaries as Dr. William Emerson, who coined the term “psychogenetic ancestral memories” (p. 8), and Michael Talbot, who wrote about a 16 year-old with Brocq’s disease who was apparently healed through hypnotherapy:

 “This is extraordinary because Brocq’s disease is a genetic condition, and getting rid of it involves more than just controlling autonomic processes such as blood flow patterns and various cells of the immune system. It means tapping into the masterplan, our DNA programming itself. So, it would appear that when we access the right strata of our beliefs, our minds can override even our genetic makeup.”(p. 105)

This would suggest that the experience of the past has been fixed and retained by the neurons firing at that precise moment. It was Wilhelm Reich, the famous psychoanalyst and founder of the Orgone (energy) Institute, who referred to a distinct state of muscular tension as “Armoring”, whereby any movement, circulation or body energy will stop flowing comfortably through the muscles in this state. Though armoring would seem to be the way we automatically build bodily barriers to all physical and psychic wounds in life.

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